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TOMP company profile

Thumb craftsman paint (TOM paint) "If you want, just order" is a multi-functional paint expert. Our core concept is to always provide customers with reliable and comprehensive paint services, high-quality products and superb technology; Always pursue perfect and stronger independent innovation, and its honest and upright working style. With the development and process of decorative coatings and supporting construction, and with the excellent construction process, artistic and creative design inspiration from nature, the exclusive engineering construction elite team will bring unique products and services to many high-grade owners and customers.

We are the caring company of "business show care", always adhere to the theme of "care for life, care for society, care for the earth", and always put people's health in the rst place. All products are free of formaldehyde, lead, mercury and other harmful substances, VOC content is far lower than the allowable value, which is non-toxic.

Our advanced environmental protection emulsion paint, functional magnetic paint, interesting white board paint / black board paint, intelligent paint (air purification / deodorization smoking smell, air conditioning / moisture extraction), diatom mud, environmental protection hand sweeping paint, art paint, deformaldehyde paint, mosquito repellent paint and children's Park / mural paint, etc are your first choice.